Private tour, including visit to Stobi ancient site, the small
Museum of wine and wine tasting with lunch

Already in Skopje, but you want to see more!
Did you now that Macedonia is in the C3 area of the оenological map?
Other regions include Mediterranean France, Corsica, Southern Italy and Spain.
Region ideal for viticultivation of the best quality RED grapes!
Adding sugar is prohibited!
Because of smooth climate and plenty of sunny days, grapes and wine producing is traditional occupation for the locals ever since ancient times. High quality grape types such as Sauvignon, Vranec, and Merlot are just a part of the unique taste of Macedonian wines.
Another famous Macedonian brand named “Rakija” (a fiery brandy) is produced in this region.
Have you tasted famous Macedonian wines at local winery ?
Start with private transfer in a morning to visit the biggest ancient site in Macedonia – Stobi,
dating from 1st century AC. Well preserved mosaics surrounded by remains of Roman palaces are “must see” of this site. It is time now to visit another interesting spot in Tikvesh area – the Museum of Wine, a small but very interesting exhibition of items connected with wine and wine production. Finally, you will be invited to have a tour of the winery and after you will be offered to taste famous Macedonian wines. Certainly, traditional lunch will be served together with the wine tasting at the winery restaurant.
Drive back to Skopje in the afternoon.

Some of the things you will see, visit and taste:
Stobi ancient site (inside – aprox 45 min walking on open space)
The Museum of Wine and a local winery in Tikvesh wine region

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Tour code: 109
Duration: 7 hours
Booking deadline:
48 hours before departure
Price: From 69 € per person,
for minimum 6 persons per tour
Departure date: you will choose
Departure time: you will choose
(we recommend 09:00)
Meeting point:
Any hotel or address within Skopje