2 hours Skopje walking tour

(Escorted tour with Guaranteed departure dates)

Walking tour is the best way to explore the new and old part of Skopje.
Would you like to be introduced to the main sights of Skopje ?
This tour gives you the opportunity to explore Skopje city center accompanied by our experienced
and professional tour guide who will be at your service during this tour.
  • Some of the sights you will see and visit:
    Gate Macedonia and the main square in Skopje;
  • The Fountain and the sculpture of The Warrior on Horse representing Alexander the Great
  • Memorial house of Mother Teresa (inside) and her statue at the main pedestrian zone in Skopje;
  • Remains of Old Skopje railway station, today the City museum (from outside)
  • The Macedonian parliament and the park dedicated to a woman;
  • The Stone bridge – symbol of Skopje;
  • The new Archaeological museum (from outside);
  • The Museum of Macedonian struggle (from outside);
  • The Holocaust center (from outside);
  • The Old Skopje Bazaar with its unique architecture and craftsman shops
  • Church of St Spas (The Holy Salvation) with its unique iconostasis from 19th century (inside)
  • Mustapha pasha mosque (from outside);
  • Skopje Fortress Kale (inside)
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Skopje is not only a city with centuries-long history and traditional values but also the capital of Macedonia as well.
It covers an area of 225 km2 and its position makes it an important crossroads of south-eastern Europe.
It is situated in the Skopje valley, on the banks of the Vardar, the biggest Macedonian river,
at the height of about 245 meters above sea level.
The average temperature is 13.5° C.

The city’s origin can be traced back to the ancient city of Skupi, located 7 km northwest from today’s town.
It was and it is settled on the roads that united Western and Eastern civilization,
on the roads trodden by conquerors, believers, merchants…
Because of its geographical position at important crossroads, Skupi assumed a special role in the Roman Empire.
Christianize spread to Skupi very early – it had an organized church since the time of Constantine I.
Till the end of 13th century, Skopje was a part of different kingdoms and empires.
In 1392 Skopje became a part of big Ottoman empire
and as a crossroad of important Balkan routes connecting Europe and Asia,
the city became increasingly important to the Turks as a base for their further conquests.
Ottoman rule has left many signs and monuments in Skopje.
Today Skopje is the biggest cultural, economic and trade center in Macedonia.

Tour code: 1101
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 19 € per person
Tour starts at:
09:00 – morning tour or
13:00 – afternoon tour
Tour ends at:
11:00 – morning tour or
15:00 – afternoon tour
Tour starts from:
In front of Mother Teresa monument – city center.

We guarantee that this tour will depart as scheduled even with only one person booked.

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– English speaking local tour guide;
– Visits inside: the Church of St Spas, Mother Teresa memorial house including entrance fees;
– “Visit Macedonia” map and brochure