Day trip from Skopje to Tikvesh wine region,
(wine tasting and lunch at the winery restaurant included)
+ complementary visit to Vodno Mountain
and Stobi ancient site

€ 109,-

Are you the type of person who enjoys a glass of nice wine ?

Did you now that Macedonia is in the C3 area of the оenological map?
Other regions include Mediterranean France, Southern Italy and Spain.
Regions ideal for viticultivation of the best quality RED grapes!
Adding sugar is prohibited!

Because of smooth climate and plenty of sunny days,
grapes and wine producing is traditional occupation for the locals ever since ancient times.
High quality grape types are part of the unique taste of Macedonian wines.

Also, another famous Macedonian brand named “Rakija”
(a fiery brandy) is produced in Tikvesh wine region.

09:00 Tour starts with drive to nearby mountain Vodno.
Visit to St. Panteleimon monastery and its unique fresco paintings from 12th century.

11:00 Drive on the main motor way to the central part of the country
where Tikvesh wine region is situated.

12:00 Stop and visit to the biggest ancient site in Macedonia
– Stobi, dating from 1st century AC.
Well preserved mosaics surrounded by remains of Roman palaces are “must see” of this site.

13:30 Arrival at Royal winery Queen Maria in Tikvesh wine region
which story begins back in 1927.

After being consulted by his Royal experts that among other places in the Balkans,
the land near the legendary gorge ‘Demir Kapija’ is most fertile
and perfect for growing grapes and wine production,
King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic decided to build his royal property there.
His ambition was to create a wine and a place with extraordinary quality
exclusively for the needs of the Royal Family. The king named the property
‘Queen Maria’ after his wife, Maria Karadjordjevic.

Learn more about king’s vision of creating a wine and a place of extraordinary quality.
We will feature a taste of our historically significant Vranec followed by four chosen wines,
as well as fresh concept dishes that continue to create culinary memories
for new diners and our favorite regulars.

Later on we will leave this extraordinary place and drive back to Skopje.

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