Convert your transfer from Skopje to Ohrid in a day experience,
traveling on the picturesque road across Mavrovo National park

Why Private transfer?
No other people on board,
You have flexibility during the transfer,
Departure time chosen by you

We will pick you up from any hotel or address within Skopje.
After less than 1 hour drive from Skopje you will enter Mavrovo national park.
Coffee stop near Mavrovo lake. Drive along Radika river and many traditional villages.
Possibility to have a lunch or snacks at some of traditional restaurants on the way.
Later on, drive along the lakes made by Black Drim river to the city of Struga.
Stop at Struga, near the place where river flows out of Ohrid lake.
Arrival in Ohrid and drop off at any hotel or address within Ohrid.

Mavrovo National Park encompasses the most beautiful parts of western Macedonia, the mountains Bistra, Korab, South Sar Massifs, Desat, the river Radika, Mavrovo Lake and the villages Mavrovi Anovi, Mavrovo, Leunovo, Nikiforovo, Galicnik, Rostuse, Gari, Jance, Tresonce, Bituse and Lazaropole, with total area of 73,088 hectares. In order to preserve the natural wealth of the region, it has been designated as a National Park with the Law passed on March 3rd 1952, on account of “the historical and scientific significance of the forests and wooded areas around Mavrovsko plain, the specific landscape and the natural beauty of the region, the diverse flora and fauna and ethnological characteristics”. In this area nature has created numerous beauties of different character. The relief, the climatic conditions, the hydrological and vegetative features, enhanced by human creativity, all contribute to making this region a particularly special place where the gifts of the nature and the resourcefulness of humans can be admired.

Mavrovo lake is the largest artificial lake in Macedonia and is a part of Mavrovo National park. Due to its elevation (over 1000m) this mountain lake sometimes freezes over in winter. Abundant with its famous trout, lake Mavrovo also makes for an excellent swimming and boating spot in the summer months. An additional point of interest is the half-submerged church in the middle of the lake about which the locals says that the saint and the God’s power do not allow for it to completely disappear in the depths of Mavrovo lake.

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