Convert your transfer from Skopje to Thessaloniki in a day experience,
visiting Stobi ancient site and Tikvesh wine region

Why Private transfer?
No other people on board,
You have flexibility during the transfer,
Departure time chosen by you

We will pick you up from any hotel or address within Skopje.
After less than 1 hour drive from Skopje you will arrive at Stobi ancient site from 1st century AC.
(audio guide available on site) Visit to local winery in Tikvesh wine region.
You will be invited for wine tasting of 4 kind of local wines followed by traditional snacks
(Optional, to be required and paid in advance).
In the afternoon continue to the Greek border.
Arrival in Thessaloniki and drop off at any hotel or address within the city.

The ancient site of Stobi is the most famous archeological site in Macedonia. It is located on the place where the river Crna (Erigon) goes into the river Vardar (Axious). Its location made Stobi an important strategic, military and merchant town in the ancient times. Stobi has 3 low terraces that leads down to the river Crna and walls with towers and gates. Between the Church and the Basilica, there is also a necropolis from the Roman, late ancient times and middle ages. The town is first mentioned in 197 BC, but archaeologists found older things and buildings, dating from 7th and maybe 6th century BC.

Grapevine growing and production of wine is an old tradition in Macedonia. It spreaded in this area during the Roman Empire. Due to the use of wine in the religious services, Christianity had a positive impact upon the grapevine growing. One of the first Christ’s miracles was turning a large amount of water into wine. The wine “poured” itself into the philosophy, religion, rites – it became a sacral liquid which symbolized Christ’s blood. The wine is the liquid of life because it is unavoidable in the weddings, baptisms, holidays and family events and customs and rites related to death. Connoisseurs of quality wine consider Macedonia a land of wine. Many Macedonian folk songs often sings about wine. The authentic Macedonian songs mention white, sweet, bitter, blackberry-made, cold, poisonous, red, Holy Mountain, three-year-old, nice, black, Tikves wine … As far as the wine produced in the grape wine growing region of Tikves is concerned, it is widely known for its quality

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