Convert your transfer from Skopje to Tirna in a day experience,
passing Shara mountain and visiting the picturesque town of Prizren

Why Private transfer?
No other people on board,
You have flexibility during the transfer,
Departure time chosen by you

We will pick you up from any hotel or address within Skopje.
After half an hour drive from Skopje you will arrive at Kosovo border.
Drive on the picturesque mountain road across Shara mountain.
Upon arrival in Prizren walking tour in the old bazaar.
Free time on your own could be used to visit Prizren fortress or for traditional lunch.
Afternoon drive on the north part of Albania.
Arrival in Tirana and drop off at any hotel or address within Tirana.

The Šar Mountains form a mountain range in the Balkans that extends from Kosovo
and the northwest Macedonia to northeastern Albania. The mountain is colloquially called Šara.
The section in Kosovo is a national park.

Prizren, town in Kosovo, in the foothills of the Šar Mountains. As the capital of Serbia in the 14th century, Prizren was a large cultural and trading centre and minted its own coinage. The town is very picturesque, with churches, mosques, numerous old houses, and ancient Turkish baths. The church of Bogorodica Ljeviška (1306–07), turned into a mosque by the Turks, was restored in 1950 to reveal large and beautiful frescoes. The Sinan Paša Mosque (1615) is built of marble taken from the 14th-century monastery of Michael the Archangel. Many buildings and cultural treasures, including Bogorodica Ljeviška in 2004, were heavily damaged or vandalized in the ethnic violence that began in Kosovo in the 1990s. The town is populated mainly by Albanian Muslims. Many Albanians fled in the early 1990s but returned following the intervention of United Nations peacekeeping forces; in turn much of the town’s Serbian population departed.

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